Squirt Porn & Sex Reels

What is squirt?

It's a magical liquid that shoots out of a woman's pussy when she's properly aroused. Some say it's pee, some say it's not - who the fuck knows? All we know is that it's hot as fuck, and we love to see it. 💦💦

How to squirt?

Well, first things first, you need a partner who knows what the fuck they're doing. Then, you gotta make sure you're properly stimulated - either by fingering, licking, or pounding that pussy. Finally, relax and let that shit flow like a waterfall. Oh, and make sure you have a towel handy. 💦💦

How to make a woman squirt?

Well, you gotta make sure she's properly aroused first. Start by licking that clit like it's your last meal, then finger that pussy like you're playing the piano. Once she's ready, insert your big ol' cock and go to town until she's squirting like a firehose. And if that doesn't work, just keep trying until you get it right. Practice makes a perfect, baby. 💦💦

Why do women squirt?

Who the fuck knows? Maybe it's because they're so turned on that they can't help but shoot liquid out of their pussy like a fucking fountain. Or maybe it's just their body's way of saying, "I'm having a good time, keep going." All we know is that it's fucking hot and we love to see it. 💦💦

When women squirt, is it pee?

Some say yes, some say no - who the fuck knows? All we know is that it's hot as fuck and we love to see it. So who cares if it's pee or not? As long as it's coming out of that sweet pussy, we're happy. 💦💦